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Hello, welcome to Brainless Activity!
Here you will find a list of rules that we in Brainless Activity abide by and expect everyone to follow at all times. Other than those rules we believe that common sense should rule over pretty much everything you do ... If you have to think twice before doing something you should probaly not do it.

We expect every member to attend scheduled raids unless notification about absence has been given. Raid times is something you are aware of before even applying to this guild, and should therefore not be a hassle to attend.

If you are apart of Brainless Activity then this is where you are. This is not a guild for one of your alts or just a place to come for loot. The slightest sign of this will lead to investigation and possibly removal from the guild.

Age limit 20
While there is good players under the age of 20, we want to keep the maturity as good as possible in the guild. Exceptions can happen and it's absolutely not impossible to join the guild if you are under 20. This is more a guideline than a rule. What this actually means is just that we want to keep the guild as free from immaturity as possible.

If you have a personal problem within the guild, take it up with an officer or the person you are having problems with. Drama in guild chat or voice program will not be tolerated.

What you say and do while under the banner of <Brainless Activity> reflects upon the guild and you are therefore allways encouraged to treat other players the way you would want to be treated yourself. Dont be a dick to people and certainly dont spam trade with unnesecary shit.

While raiding with us you need to be able to listen to directions and do what you are told. This also connects with being able to take criticism. Having members who dont do what their told just wont work in a raiding environment.

We will be using a Lootcouncil method. Whoring for epics will not be tolerated. We deem who is worthy of each epic and hope to with this method filter out people who merely joins the guild to get epics then leave. If you are good for the guild the guild will reward you. Who gets the loot is based upon Dedication aswell as Performance.
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